The Mexican Paletas


The Mexican Paleta is a home-made ice cream carried over from Mexico. This concept has existed since the 1930s and offers delicious recipes based on natural ingredients with a high content of fruits for a truly unique flavour experience.

The success of the Paletas comes from its authentic and unique taste but also from its infinite range of flavours.

The History of Los Pistoleros


The 3 business partners of Los Pistoleros are French expats who used to live in Sao Paulo, Brazil by the time the Mexican Paletas fever hit the market.

Straight away they fell in love with the product and were impressed by the enthusiastic reception the product received, which made them decide to bring this concept in Europe.

The Mission of Los Pistoleros


Los Pistoleros is the first supplier of Mexican Paletas in France, offering a wide range of flavours adapted to the French market and aiming to revolutionise the ice cream industry with a brand new concept


The “revolución” in taste is underway…



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